“Lametia” extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Carolea olive variety, which accounts for the largest share (at least 90%) of all olive orchards. It is produced in nine small towns in the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) area within the Lamezia Terme Valley, in the province of Catanzaro.

Sixteen percent of Italy’s total olive-growing area is located in Calabria, which produces 33% of the national olive production and 36% of the olive oil production. The PDO Lametia area extends over 16,000 ha (37,496 ft2), and accounts for 8.4% of Calabria’s total olive grove-planted area.

The whole supply chain (olive picking, pressing, bottling, and sale) is based in the same territories where the Consortium members work.

This ‘from-the-tree-to-the-bottle’ process is traced according to the product specification approved by the European Commission.

The Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry guarantees the quality of the DOP Lametia Extra Virgin Olive Oil through a certification agency, which releases the PDO certification and approves packaging of the oil produced by the farms.



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