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Olio Lametia Dop : "l'Olio raccontato ai bambini"

Lametia PDO Oil , “oil told by children“ on the 17th december it was the presentation of the project video with the little tasters.

New project with little tasters.

Lamezia terme, with the project “oil told by children” Calabria is the pioneer of a new way to communicate the quality of extra virgin olive oil and also the conscious consumption. To have promoted the quality of lametino extra virgin olive oil, were directly the children through an experimental video.

Pitagora’s students of Lamezia Terme for a day challenged themselves in a professional degustation documented by cameras. An unpublished initiative, unique of this kind in the national territory, is signed by Consorzio Dop Lametia. Promotion’s innovative idea got for making know excellence of the local olive oil heritage and for the sensitization of future consumers and conscious consumption of families about quality, goodness and healthy.

“Communicate in a different and new way allows to arrive istantly at the consumer mind, for this reason we have thought to give word to the children, to rely on their spontaneity and above all their extraordinary ability to judge the quality of extra virgin oil could be the right path to follow. Said Francesco De lorenzo - president of Consorzio Dop Lametia. We wanted the children to be the guide of the vocation of our territory, making them with a tasting video the best ambassadors of Dop”.

The project has been introduced on the 17th december at 6:30 pm, among the Literary Cafè Chiostro San Domenico of Lamezia Terme. The video was made by “Il Tempio delle Storie”, in cooperation with GagliardiAssociati. The video projection was the most important moment. And also the exposure of the program entirely devoted to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lametia. Divided into technical sessions for the sensitization of the adults and laboratories of tasting exclusively thought for children.

After the video projection has been offered to the public, local food and tastings of oil made by the producers of Consorizio Dop Lametia.