podere dippolito logoOriginally set up by great-grandfather Gabriele in the mid-19th century; passed down to later generations, it is currently a women-owned business. The farm extends over about 60 ha (148 ac) in the Nicastro district. Even though olive growing is the farm’s leading activity, they own also a 5 ha (12.5 ac) citrus grove. They apply integrated cultivation methods, which consists in a limited use of pesticides and fertilizers in order to reduce health and environmental risks. The olive orchards include almost 8,000 plants (belonging mostly to the Carolea variety with a small fraction represented by the Frantoio cultivar). Most high-density plants are centuries-old and have been interspersed with rows of younger trees.

Olives are shaker-harvested. Both nets and olives are carried to the mill in drilled cases or bins in order to preserve the juicy drupes.

Olives are cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting at the in-house, automatic continuous-cycle mill.

Brief outline

Trade name: Poderosa – D.O.P. Lametia

Address: Via degli Itali 81 - Lamezia Terme (CZ)

Production area: D.O.P. Lametia

www: www.poderedippolito.it

mail: info@poderedippolito.it

fb: Podere D'Ippolito

phone : +39 0968 462513

fax : +39 0968 462513

mobile : +39 335 6431906

Production Manager : P.A. Salvatore Vescio

Marketing Manager : Dott. Maria Cristina Di Giovanni

Production area: 40 ha (99.0 ac), 90% Carolea and 10% Frantoio cultivar; mechanical harvesting with shakers and nets; automatic, continuous cycle extraction

altitudine : 100/150 m above sea level

oil features: acidity 0.2-0.4; colour: green – yellow; aroma: delicately fruity - sweet

best served as raw salad dressing, but it can also be used for cooking

certification : Lametia Dop

packaging : manual

Classified among the Consortium’s members as olive grower, mill owner, bottler.