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Earth of cork oaks, mulberries and fig trees, in the years '80 have been recovered and his 10 hectars mainly reconverted to olive and orange trees.

Today it is an enterprise careful to the social, to the environment, to the biodiversity and to a constructive synergies with the other local realities. To the center of Calabria, in the narrowest point in Italy, between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian, Livadia allows to reach the places of more interest known of the Region as Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Pizzo Calabro, Sila and the ionic coast.

From the cultivar of oil more diffused in all the Plain of Lamezia Terme, Carolea, our certified virgin extra oil of olive is born biological and Dop Lametia. The firm follows with scrupulous attention all the phases of the productive supply chain with the purpose to get qualitatively an elevated product. Techniques give of cultivation that guarantee the quality 100% biological checked and certified, to the following passages as many fundamental so that the fruit maintains intact its organoleptic qualities. In October we choose and we pick up the olives that are immediately transporting in the oil mill where they are grinded meticulously and with cold extraction. The favorable combination of such factors permit that "Oilì" is an oil with qualitative and chemical-physicist profile recognized and certified DOP Lametia.


Brief Outline

Trade Name :

Address : Contrada Livadia, 88040, Gizzeria (CZ)

Production Area : Lametia Dop

www : http://www.agriturismolivadia.com/

mail : agriturismolivadia@gmail.com   

phone : +39 0968 466415

mobile : +39 329 3321720

Production manager : Clelia Iemma

Marketing manager : Clelia Iemma

Production area : 4 ha with 90 % Carolea and 10% Nocellara Messinese

Certification : Lamedia Dop | Biologic

Packaging : manual

Classified among the Consortium’s members as olive-grower and bottler.