lametia-bastione-maltaThe Consortium’s branding positioning strategy has involved a new logo whose inspiration came from the ancient Bastion of Malta, ‘a symbol of strength and solidity, an authentic landmark identifying the character of our land and our people’ – Prof. De Lorenzo explains.

The Bastion is one of the best preserved ruins in the area. It dates back to the mid-16th century when it was built to defend against the continuous Saracen raids that threatened the flourishing trading activities of the coastal cities. It was, in fact, the viceroy of Naples, Don Pedro da Toledo, on the orders of the Spanish Crown, who ordered local communities such imposing strengthening of their defences.

The coastline from Savuto to Turrina had been under the jurisdiction of the Jerosolimitan order of the Abbey of Sant’Eufemia and the Knights of Malta since 1530.

So they built the mighty construction that is still standing at about 800 m off the shoreline (as a result of its advancing over time) and also the numerous coastal towers that are scattered to the north and south, not too far from each other.

From a commercial point of view, the Bastion can currently be seen as a ‘defence’ to counter frauds, competition, but also to evolve from unknown, which such a valuable product does not deserve.

But there is more: being so closely and directly related to the territory, the logo can well identify the country of origin, thereby being a distinctive and easy-to-recognize symbols of both regional products and activities.