olio-lametia-dop-valori-legalitaThe Consortium’s project, with its far-sighted, innovative vision, aims at restoring the old, but indeed timeless values of farm work in a region that has to learn how to make the most of its beauty and riches, the actual ‘raw materials’ of its products.

Hence, the idea of not only pooling oil farms, but also of being a promoter of our territory with an aim to restore values and image of our land in an effort to revive Calabria’s identity by becoming a local reference point and a designated partner for government authorities, especially for the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

The object is to be a forerunner and to go beyond the sharing of a common project to create opportunities for growth and development, to raise awareness and trust not only among the most experienced producers, but also among new generations.

“An oil drop contains all the science and taste of the place of origin, and so our brand and project hold ambition, trust and willingness to start all over again from excellence," the Consortium’s president states, referring to his desire to involve young generations in a cultural and production revival by attracting them to agriculture that needs innovation, new technologies, educated and trained people familiar with new production methods, who know how to use equipments and marketing strategies.

Further, human resources are needed who can implement the principles of transparency and lawfulness to build a reputation in Calabria and outside the regional boundary.

Training, educating and informing the young generations to invest on farming, investing in the development of specialized and trained professionals who have the skills to obtain the highest-quality products means to guarantee a future not only to Lamezia’s olive oil production, but also to the whole Calabrian economy. In turn, that will contribute to Calabria’s sustainably profitable and lasting growth.